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100% PURE Silk Pillowcase, Light Pink Charmeuse, Standard or King Size, French Seamed, Hypoallergenic, for Sensitive Skin, and Hair Care

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100% Mulberry Silk Charmeuse Pillowcase in Soft Pink Color!

Handmade in the USA in true couture fashion, this 100% pure 19mm mulberry silk pillowcase is complete with French seams (every seam is fully encased for a fine finish and longevity). It is a true treasure to be enjoyed every single night. You will notice a difference in your hair and skin!

Unlike synthetics or cotton, silk does not pull moisture from your skin or hair, nor does it form deep wrinkles against your face. That means that you will wake up with more youthful looking skin and kiss the bed-head good-bye.

Pure charmeuse silk is considered hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, and even anti-aging. It is strong and lusturous but not slippery.

Real, pure silk is a natural fiber from the cocoons of silk worms (bombyx worms). The natural, healing, and beneficial properties of mulberry silk cannot be found in the “synthetic knock-off” fabrics.

My silk fabrics are of the highest quality available and are made and dyed within the US. Your purchase helps support US jobs and our economy! It is also means fair labor laws which allows me to sleep easier at night.

Convo me if you want a sample of the silk before you buy!

**STANDARD SIZE–THIS ITEM IS IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP (allow 5-7 bus. days for king size)**

*1 pillowcase, select your size out checkout , standard 21″x31″ or king 21×41

*100% charmeuse silk (mulberry) on BOTH sides.

*19mm (momme) –16-19mm is generally used for pillowcases/bedding, 19mm is considered VERY high quality charmeuse

*French seamed, there are no raw edges or zigzags

*Soft, pale pink

**For International Purchases: I try to be as close to actual shipping costs as I can. I will refund any shipping overages above $2.00.**

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I include care instructions with each purchase.

(Care instructions off Google) Hand wash alone in cold or on delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry. THE DRYER IS A NO-NO!!

4 reviews for 100% PURE Silk Pillowcase, Light Pink Charmeuse, Standard or King Size, French Seamed, Hypoallergenic, for Sensitive Skin, and Hair Care

  1. Anna Soldner

    High quality, holds color in wash, clear this maker loves their craft! Thank you

  2. Lee Burch

    Wonderful quality silk pillowcases. Sewn with great care. I really appreciates that the seller gives them a little extra width which can make a critical difference with some of the larger pillows.

  3. bcanales3

    This is the most luxurious pillow case I have ever had! Is absolutely delightful! My face and hair are definitely benefiting from this. Highly recommend!

  4. Lee Burch

    Exquisitely beautiful, impeccable sewing. These are the best pillowcases to sleep and dream on. I love that they are generous in their width so that they fit all of my pillows (not true of so many pillow cases today.) A major pleasure!

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