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Black linen flat sheet 1 Flat sheet Softened linen sheet Stonewashed linen Linen bedsheet Farmhouse decor

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Introducing our stunning black linen flat sheet, the perfect addition to any bedroom decor. Made from the highest quality linen, this softened and stonewashed flat sheet boasts elegance and comfort all in one.

Available in king, queen, double, twin, full, and single sizes, it is sure to fit any bed size. The rich black color offers a sleek and timeless look, while the subtle textured linen fabric gives it a farmhouse-inspired feel. Pair it with our matching black linen bedding for a complete and luxurious bedtime experience. Upgrade your sleeping routine with this top-notch linen flat sheet and enjoy the ultimate comfort every night.

Order yours today and discover the magic of linen sheets in the comfort of your own home!

β™₯️ All of our beddings are handmade in Ukraine, specially for your order.

It is more than bed linen β€” it is love wrapped in happiness and healthy sleep β™₯️




β€’ Includes 1 linen flat sheet

β€’ No additional seams in the middle (flat sheets longer than 260 cm have one additional seam at the bottom)

* As the seams are sewn neatly they are almost invisible and do not affect comfort

β€’ Made from 100% European flax

β€’ Pre-washed and pre-shrunk (to avoid shrinkage while future washings)

β€’ Stone washed for maximum softness (medium weight)

β€’ OEKO-TEX certified fabric (free of harmful chemicals)

β€’ No ironing needed

Please note that actual colors may slightly vary due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors.




US Twin —————– 66” x 96” (168 x 245 cm)

US Twin XL ————– 66” x 102” (168 x 260 cm)

US Full/Double ——— 81” x 102” (206 x 260 cm)

US Queen ————— 92” x 105” (234 x 267 cm)

US King —————– 96” x 108” (244 x 274 cm)

US California King —– 96” x 114” (248 x 290 cm)

EU Single ————— 180 x 275 cm (53” x 108”)

EU Double ————– 220 x 260 cm (79” x 102”)

UK Single ————— 180 x 260 cm (53” x 102”)

UK Double ————– 220 x 275 cm (79” x 108”)

EU/UK King ————- 248 x 280 cm (98” x 110”)

AU Single ————— 180 x 254 cm (71” x 100”)

AU King Single ———- 200 x 270 cm (79” x 106”)

AU Double ————– 228 x 254 cm (90” x 100”)

AU Queen ————— 245 Γ— 274 cm (94 x 108”)

AU King —————– 285 Γ— 274 cm (112 x 108”)


US Standard ———————– 20” x 26” (50 x 66 cm)

US Super Standard ————– 20” x 28” (50 x 70 cm)

US Queen ————————– 20” x 30” (50 x 76 cm)

US King —————————– 20” x 36” (50 x 92 cm)

EU Standard ———————– 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27”)

EU Square ————————–66 x 66 cm (26 x 26”)

EU Square Big ——————– 70 x 70 cm (28 x 28”)

AU Standard ———————- 48 x 73 cm (19 x 29”)

β€’ Custom sizes are available upon request – please contact us to make a customized order




β€’ Naturally temperature-regulating: Linen fabric adapts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

β€’ Timeless elegance: Linen bed linen possesses a classic, luxurious aesthetic that only improves with age and use.

β€’ Texture evolution: With each wash, linen becomes softer, creating a uniquely comfortable sleeping experience over time.

β€’ Hypoallergenic magic properties contribute to a healthier sleep environment.

β€’ Moisture-wicking prowess: Linen efficiently absorbs and wicks away moisture, ensuring a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

β€’ Eco-friendly chic: As an organic and fully biodegradable material, linen bed linen aligns with sustainable and environmentally conscious living.

β€’ Antistatic charm: Linen’s antistatic nature minimizes the impact of radiation from various electronic devices, fostering a more serene sleep space.

β€’ Sunbeam whisperer: Reflecting sunlight and retaining UV light, linen fabric provides subtle sun protection for a cozy and protected rest.

β€’ Gamma radiation ally: Linen’s unique quality of reducing the intensity and danger of gamma radiation adds a layer of unexpected safety to your sleep sanctuary.

β€’ Sensory indulgence: The tactile pleasure of linen fibers against the skin contributes to an indulgent and calming sensory experience during sleep.




β€’ Machine washable at 40Β°C/104 F

β€’ Use special powders for delicate wash and delicate wash mode

β€’ Avoid using bleach containing chlorine

β€’ Tumble dry at low heat and low spinning mode

β€’ Wash separately or with similar colors

β€’ No ironing required to preserve linen natural relaxed look




Please keep invoices for parcel’s weight or price verification.

Acceptable returns include:

+ Incorrect size received

+ Production defects (e.g., holes, faulty closures)

+ Wrong item shipped (e.g., sheet instead of duvet cover)

+ Incomplete orders (missing items)

+ Color discrepancies (e.g., wrong color name).

Returns are not accepted for:

– Color preference dissatisfaction* (check details below)

– Unnoticed wrong size orders (verify sizes before purchasing)

– Incorrect hanging type or closure ordered

– Fabric quality doubts** (check details below)

– Non-defective custom orders

– Changed mind about needing the item.

*The color from the photo may differ in reality due to the following reasons:

β€’ Lighting in real life and photography may vary depending on the color rendering of your device’s monitor

β€’ Your specific lighting may differ from the lighting in our photographs (cooler or warmer)

β€’ Colors of hand-dyed fabric may vary slightly due to complex dyeing process.

Please order fabric samples for accurate color choice


β€’ The thickness or softness of the fabric isn’t the same as you expected.

β€’ Our linen is of the highest quality, but its true qualities are revealed after washing and about a week of use. It becomes significantly softer over time, so expect initial roughness.

4 reviews for Black linen flat sheet 1 Flat sheet Softened linen sheet Stonewashed linen Linen bedsheet Farmhouse decor

  1. Melanie Thomas

    I found the bedskirt I ordered was quality fabric and made well. The customer service was excellent. I made an error in my order and it was corrected promptly. Delivery was slow but that is the postal service and the product was well worth the wait.

  2. Brighten Hell

    Quality materials. Fast shipping. Very satisfied.

  3. T E

    I had been struggling to find black linen flat sheets in stores, but luckily, I came across this product. The black color is exactly as expected, providing a sophisticated impression that adds a touch of luxury to my bedroom.
    I am very satisfied with the comfort of these sheets. The perfect balance of the fabric’s subtle firmness and the excellent feel of the linen seems to deepen my sleep. Additionally, washing these sheets further enhanced their already wonderful texture. The unique texture of linen, combined with added softness and a refined feel, significantly improved the comfort during my sleep.
    Overall, these black linen flat sheets not only meet but exceed my expectations, offering a high-quality and fantastic product.

  4. Maddie

    everything was nice except i didn’t get my pillowcases but i love how deep the black is

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