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Black linen sheet set 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases Softened linen bedding Stonewashed Black bedding set

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Introducing our luxurious Black Linen Sheet Set, designed to provide a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience while adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom decor. Crafted from high-quality linen material, our sheet set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases for a complete bedding solution.

Our Softened Linen Bedding is stonewashed to create a unique texture and a natural-looking distressed appearance that complements any room decor. The black color adds a bold and modern touch to the bedding set, making it perfect for individuals who want to add a chic look to their bedroom.

Available in a variety of sizes including Queen, King, Twin, Double, Full, and Single, our Charcoal Sheet Set makes a perfect addition to any sized bed, providing superior comfort all year round. The black linen sheets not only offer a luxurious sleeping experience but are also easy to maintain and durable enough to last for years.

Upgrade your bedding with our Black Linen Bedding Set, giving your bedroom a stylish and comfortable appearance that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. Order now and discover the ultimate sleeping solution with our charcoal linen sheets.

β™₯️ All of our beddings are handmade in Ukraine, specially for your order.

It is more than bed linen β€” it is love wrapped in happiness and healthy sleep β™₯️




β€’ Includes 1 flat sheet + 1 fitted sheet + 2 pillowcases

β€’ No additional seams in the middle (flat sheets longer than 260 cm have one additional seam at the bottom)

* As the seams are sewn neatly they are almost invisible and do not affect comfort

β€’ Envelope closure type for pillowcases

β€’ Pre-washed and pre-shrunk (to avoid shrinkage while future washings)

β€’ Made from 100% European flax

β€’ Stone washed for maximum softness

β€’ OEKO-TEX certified fabric (free of harmful chemicals)

β€’ No ironing needed

Please note that actual colors may slightly vary due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors.






US Twin 10″

1 fitted sheet 39x75x10″ (99x191x25 cm)

1 flat sheet 66”× 96” (168 Γ— 244 cm)

US Twin 18″

1 fitted sheet 39x75x18″ (99x191x46 cm)

1 flat sheet 66”× 96” (168 Γ— 244 cm)

US Twin XL 10″

1 fitted sheet 39x80x10″ (99x203x25 cm)

1 flat sheet 66” Γ— 102” (183 Γ— 259 cm)

US Twin XL 18″

1 fitted sheet 39x80x18″ (99x203x46 cm)

1 flat sheet 66” Γ— 102” (183 Γ— 259 cm)

US Full/Double 10″

1 fitted sheet 54x75x10″ (137x191x25 cm)

1 flat sheet 81” Γ— 102” (206 Γ— 259 cm)

US Full/Double 15″

1 fitted sheet 54x75x15″ (137x191x38 cm)

1 flat sheet 81” Γ— 102” (206 Γ— 259 cm)

US Full/Double 20″

1 fitted sheet 54x75x20″ (137x191x51 cm)

1 flat sheet 81” Γ— 102” (206 Γ— 259 cm)

US Queen 10″

1 fitted sheet – 60x80x10″ (152x203x25 cm)

1 flat sheet – 92” Γ— 105” (234 Γ— 267 cm)

US Queen 15″

1 fitted sheet – 60x80x15″ (152x203x38 cm)

1 flat sheet – 92” Γ— 105” (234 Γ— 267 cm)

US Queen 20″

1 fitted sheet – 60x80x20″ (152x203x51 cm)

1 flat sheet – 92” Γ— 105” (234 Γ— 267 cm)

US King 10″

1 fitted sheet – 76x80x10″ (193x203x25 cm)

1 flat sheet – 96 Γ— 108” (244 Γ— 274 cm)

US King 15″

1 fitted sheet – 76x80x15″ (193x203x38 cm)

1 flat sheet – 96 Γ— 108” (244 Γ— 274 cm)

US King 20″

1 fitted sheet – 76x80x20″ (193x203x51 cm)

1 flat sheet – 96 Γ— 108” (244 Γ— 274 cm)

US California King 10″

1 fitted sheet – 72x84x10″ (183x213x25 cm)

1 flat sheet – 96” x 114” (248 x 290 cm)

US California King 15″

1 fitted sheet – 72x84x15″ (183x213x38 cm)

1 flat sheet – 96” x 114” (248 x 290 cm)

US California King 20″

1 fitted sheet – 72x84x20″ (183x213x51 cm)

1 flat sheet – 96” x 114” (248 x 290 cm)


EU Single

1 fitted sheet – 90x200x23 cm (35x79x9″)

1 flat sheet – 180 x 275 cm (53” x 108”)

EU Double

1 fitted sheet – 140x200x23 cm (55x79x9″)

1 flat sheet – 220×260 cm (79×102”)

EU King

1 fitted sheet – 160x200x23 cm (63x79x9″)

1 flat sheet – 260×275 cm (95×108”)

EU Super King

1 fitted sheet – 200x200x23 cm (79x79x9″)

1 flat sheet – 280×290 cm (110×115”) – Has two additional seams on the sides


UK Single

1 fitted sheet – 90x190x23 cm (35x75x9″)

1 flat sheet – 180×260 cm (53”x102”)

UK Double

1 fitted sheet – 135x190x23 cm (53x75x9″)

1 flat sheet – 220×260 cm (79”x102”)

UK King

1 fitted sheet – 150x200x23 cm (59x79x9″)

1 flat sheet – 260 x 275 cm (95” x 108”)

UK Super King

1 fitted sheet – 180x200x23 cm (71x79x9″)

1 flat sheet – 248×275 cm (98×108”) – Has two additional seams on the sides


AU Single

1 fitted sheet – 91x193x41 cm (36x76x16″)

1 flat sheet – 180×254 cm (71×100”)

AU King Single

1 fitted sheet – 107x203x41 cm (42x80x16″)

1 flat sheet – 200×270 cm (79×106”)

AU Double

1 fitted sheet – 137x193x41 cm (54x76x16″)

1 flat sheet – 228×254 cm (90×100”)

AU Queen

1 fitted sheet – 152x203x41 cm (60x80x16″)

1 flat sheet – 245Γ—274 cm (94×108”)

AU King

1 fitted sheet – 183x203x41 cm (72x80x16″)

1 flat sheet – 285Γ—274 cm (112×108”)

AU Super King

1 fitted sheet – 203x203x41 cm (80x80x16″)

1 flat sheet – 300Γ—330 cm (118×130”)


US Standard ———————– 20” x 26” (50 x 66 cm)

US Super Standard ————– 20” x 28” (50 x 70 cm)

US Queen ————————– 20” x 30” (50 x 76 cm)

US King —————————– 20” x 36” (50 x 92 cm)

EU Standard ———————– 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27”)

EU Square ————————–66 x 66 cm (26 x 26”)

EU Square Big ——————– 70 x 70 cm (28 x 28”)

AU Standard ———————- 48 x 73 cm (19 x 29”)

β€’ Custom sizes are available upon request – please contact us to make a customized order




β€’ Naturally temperature-regulating: Linen fabric adapts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

β€’ Timeless elegance: Linen bed linen possesses a classic, luxurious aesthetic that only improves with age and use.

β€’ Texture evolution: With each wash, linen becomes softer, creating a uniquely comfortable sleeping experience over time.

β€’ Hypoallergenic magic properties contribute to a healthier sleep environment.

β€’ Moisture-wicking prowess: Linen efficiently absorbs and wicks away moisture, ensuring a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

β€’ Eco-friendly chic: As an organic and fully biodegradable material, linen bed linen aligns with sustainable and environmentally conscious living.

β€’ Antistatic charm: Linen’s antistatic nature minimizes the impact of radiation from various electronic devices, fostering a more serene sleep space.

β€’ Sunbeam whisperer: Reflecting sunlight and retaining UV light, linen fabric provides subtle sun protection for a cozy and protected rest.

β€’ Gamma radiation ally: Linen’s unique quality of reducing the intensity and danger of gamma radiation adds a layer of unexpected safety to your sleep sanctuary.

β€’ Sensory indulgence: The tactile pleasure of linen fibers against the skin contributes to an indulgent and calming sensory experience during sleep.




β€’ Machine washable at 40Β°C/104 F

β€’ Use special powders for delicate wash and delicate wash mode

β€’ Avoid using bleach containing chlorine

β€’ Tumble dry at low heat and low spinning mode

β€’ Wash separately or with similar colors

β€’ No ironing required to preserve linen natural relaxed look




Please keep invoices for parcel’s weight or price verification.

Acceptable returns include:

+ Incorrect size received

+ Production defects (e.g., holes, faulty closures)

+ Wrong item shipped (e.g., sheet instead of duvet cover)

+ Incomplete orders (missing items)

+ Color discrepancies (e.g., wrong color name).

Returns are not accepted for:

– Color preference dissatisfaction* (check details below)

– Unnoticed wrong size orders (verify sizes before purchasing)

– Incorrect hanging type or closure ordered

– Fabric quality doubts** (check details below)

– Non-defective custom orders

– Changed mind about needing the item.

*The color from the photo may differ in reality due to the following reasons:

β€’ Lighting in real life and photography may vary depending on the color rendering of your device’s monitor

β€’ Your specific lighting may differ from the lighting in our photographs (cooler or warmer)

β€’ Colors of hand-dyed fabric may vary slightly due to complex dyeing process.

Please order fabric samples for accurate color choice


β€’ The thickness or softness of the fabric isn’t the same as you expected.

β€’ Our linen is of the highest quality, but its true qualities are revealed after washing and about a week of use. It becomes significantly softer over time, so expect initial roughness.

4 reviews for Black linen sheet set 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases Softened linen bedding Stonewashed Black bedding set

  1. Donna

    Great quality and craftsmanship, I love this set. I recommend.
    Excellent customer service!

  2. Kimberly Cash

    We received the sheets yesterday and gave them a couple washes on cold. The sheets are a little firm after two washings, but we slept very well. Thank you very much!

  3. Jessie Grace

    I was so happy to find pure black linen sheets. Pure black linen is surprisingly hard to find, but these are perfect. Very nice, thick and sturdy linen. I gave them a wash and the color has not faded at all. One detail I noticed upon receiving them that I did not see in the original listing is that the flat sheet is actually 3 strips of fabric sewn together, so there are seams down either side of the flat sheet, rather than it being all one large piece of fabric. Not necessarily a complaint, just something I was not expecting. Daria the shop owner is very kind and quick to respond.

  4. Dara

    I loooooove these sheets. Took just one wash for them to get that super soft, comfy, lived in feel. Daria sent such a kind note after I placed the order and shipping time wasn’t as long as I expected. I will definitely be purchasing from this shop again πŸ™‚

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