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White Heavy Linen Fitted Sheet, Rustic Heavyweight Natural Stonewashed Linen; Organic Linen Bedding

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Rustic stonewashed heavyweight natural linen fitted sheet in White linen. Choose between Ivory (off white) and Pure White shade.. King and Queen sizes available.

White linen sheet is made of heavy-weight natural rustic linen fabric. Unforgettable experience for truly devoted, real rustic linen lovers! You probably won’t find anything like this on the market as commercial sheets would not suit those looking for soft bedding. Rustic natural linen bedding is our attempt and tribute to the most durable and loveable old-fashioned bedding, which used to be passed from generation to generation.

Rustic natural linen sheets are designed with 2 seams at the sides running lengthways, positioned very close to the edges of the mattress in order to least disturb the sleeping surface and therefore, not be felt when sleeping.

This sheet is made to last due to the durability of the linen. Washed and softened after sewing to make sheet soft and gently creased- the fabric will only get softer and softer, although not weaker with every wash.

This heavy-weight, white linen sheet is made with an elastic band all around the perimeter for a snug fit made of 260 gsm2 Oeko-Tex 100 certified genuine European linen.

If you never had a linen sleeping experience- why not give it a go? Imagine pure, natural, softest linen fabric against your skin; its delicate aroma of grass, hay- so alive and vivid you can almost feel the warm embrace of summer. Wake up every morning in your beautiful linen sheets feeling refreshed and well-rested.

Sizes available to order:

> Queen size 152×203+50cm

> King size 180×203+50cm

> US Queen size 60″x 80+20″

> US King size 75″x 80″+20″

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a custom size sheet.

If you are unsure about this sheet or would like to see a sample first, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here is a review from our beloved customer Vicki, who encouraged us to create our unique Rustic Linen bedding:

“I bought the Ivory Rustic Rough linen sheet – HOBL’s latest creation. So happy I did! The quality of this stonewashed linen sheet is incredible. Cosy, incredibly soft homespun that’s made to last. Seriously pure Vintage indulgence. Connoisseurs of real flax linen will love this.”

Easy care instructions: machine wash normal cycle, tumble drying to maintain softness. No ironing required.

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4 reviews for White Heavy Linen Fitted Sheet, Rustic Heavyweight Natural Stonewashed Linen; Organic Linen Bedding

  1. odgirl

    There is nothing like House of Baltic linen heavyweight linen, and I have tried them all. Absolutely love the sheet and duvet cover. Takes a while to ship from overseas but well worth the wait.

  2. Lara

    A beautiful sheet, and it will last for ages due to the high quality linen!

  3. Joanne Simms

    I love the linen used, my only problem is that it’s hard to fit on my mattress. Part if the problem is that I have a four poster bed and it is never easy . I am anxiously awaiting my duvet cover

  4. Colleen Dimmitt

    Gorgeous, soft, heavyweight sheet that should last many, many years!
    Edit to add: I’ve really been surprised by the shedding of this fabric. I expect new fabric to shed, but I’ve washed and dried this sheet 6 or 7 times now, and it’s still producing a shocking amount of lint- it’s filling up the lint box in the dryer and I’m having to empty it *multiple times* per drying session.

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