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Linen sheets. Linen cover set. Queen sheet set. King sheet set. Pure flat sheet. Bed sheets. Linen bedding set. Natural linen bedding.

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Sheet set includes 4 pieces – 1 Fitted sheet, Top sheet and 2 Pillowcases.

Please, choose your personalised depth of Fitted sheet – 12″ (30cm) or 18″ (46cm)


❤ Top Sheet – 66×96″ /168x245cm

❤ Fitted Sheet – 39x76x12″; or 39x76x18″

❤ 2 Pillowcases – 20×26″ /51x66cm


❤ Top Sheet – 81×96″ / 206x245cm

❤ Fitted Sheet – 54x76x12″; or 54x76x18″

❤ 2 Pillowcases – 20×26″ /51x66cm


❤ Top Sheet – 92×102″ / 234x259cm

❤ Fitted Sheet – 60x80x12″; or 60x80x18″

❤ 2 Pillowcases – 20×30″ /51x76cm; or 20×26″/51x66cm


❤ Top Sheet – 66×96″ / 168x245cm

❤ Fitted Sheet – 76x80x12″; or 76x80x18″

❤ 2 Pillowcases – 20×36″ /51x91cm; or 20×30″/51x76cm


* White

* Sage green

* Mint

* Turquoise blue

* Cinamonne

* 100% the highest quality European softened pure linen

* Soft 175 GSM weight pure linen

* Doesn’t shrink anymore, no ironing needed

* Linen fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX standards

* Linen pillowcases with coconut button closure



Duvet cover:


Linen bedding care characteristics

Linen fabrics tend to soften and become finer when washed. Compared to fabrics of other compositions, they accumulate less soap and lime deposits. Linen can be washed both by hand and in a machine, as well as dry-cleaned.

***Washing temperature:

The first washing is recommended in 30-40˚C / 86˚-104˚F separately from other laundry using a detergent that does not contain bleaching components.

Linen is undemanding regarding the washing temperature, so when choosing it, pay attention to the intensity of your bedding colour.

We recommend adding fabric softener if hard water is used for washing, especially when washing darker fabrics.

When washing in a machine, do not overload it so that the laundry can move freely, rinse thoroughly. Otherwise marks may be left by the detergent.


To avoid great wrinkling of the fabric, you should not wring linen laundry vigorously before drying. You can use a tumble dryer or dry it naturally. After washing, the linen will be wrinkled, so the fabric should be hung properly so that it does not wrinkle more during drying. It is essential to avoid over-drying linen fabric as it dries quickly.

Drying coloured linen products in the sun is not recommended.


Forget ironing, and enjoy those natural folds of linen fabric instead.

Otherwise, it is best to iron the linen fabric with a hot iron with steam from the inner side to protect against shine. It is best to iron linen fabrics when they are still slightly damp.

Note: This product is made of washed and softened 100% linen fabric, so its size may vary slightly. All fabrics of natural fibres tend to shrink to some degree.

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4 reviews for Linen sheets. Linen cover set. Queen sheet set. King sheet set. Pure flat sheet. Bed sheets. Linen bedding set. Natural linen bedding.

  1. Iona Elgabry

    Beautiful sheets thank you so much

  2. Sniege

    Before purchasing a bedding set, I wanted to check the quality of the fabric. The fabric samples were sent very fast and the quality was great! Linen colors are very beautiful, it was even hard to decide! I chose turquoise linen bedding and am very happy with my order!

  3. Iona Elgabry

    Perfect thank you very much

  4. Mary LEsperance Adair

    The fitted sheet fit fine the flat sheet was a twin size

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